Nice Photography Tricks photos

A few nice Photography Tricks images I found:

Six Girls in New Zealand Getting Meat
Photography Tricks

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Photo – Six Girls in New Zealand Getting Meat
While on a long drive from the Coromandel to Matamata (where The Shire is), we pulled into this pizza place to stock up on some much needed carbs. I saw these six girls lined up so perfectly, I had to grab a quick shot.

Most places in New Zealand outside of the cities seem to shut down about 8 PM. I had to start getting used to planning ahead to get dinner! It’s hard for me because I usually just go go go go until after sunset, taking photos like a madman… and THEN I think about dinner. But that trick doesn’t really work when you’re on the road there…
New Silver Efex Pro Shot
In my few workshops, I always take time to show off this tool. If you want to see more, see my Silver Efex Pro Review here on the site. For those of you that have tried it before, then I probably don’t even need to tell you!

Since you guys know I am kind of a color-centric kind of guy, this thing has to be pretty cool in order for me to use it… Actually, I’d like to do a great deal more black & white stuff, but I know most people like the colorful stuff. I’ll continue to sprinkle these in from time to time if that is okay!

from the blog

Riding off into the Bokeh
Photography Tricks

Image by Ian Sane

I’ll be Back Next Year!
Photography Tricks

Image by BenSpark
Eva is all ready to go back out Trick Or Treating next year. More at The BenSpark

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